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Watania Agency in brief

Watania was launched in the 2nd half of 2007, and has been working distinctively over the years, evolving from being a Media Production office, into being a Palestinian Media Agency. Watania seeks to offer the best technical, informative and archiving, to various clients interested in creating Television work in Palestine

Watania Services

Production of TV reports

Broadcasting Services

Production of films

Production of advertisements

Production of video clips

Live broadcasting through Social media

Production of TV programs

Media coverage of events and public and private festivals

(Our Clients (Organizations

( Our Clients (Channels

News Department

News Department Provides stories and news reports to news channels and media agencies worldwide 24/7

Broadcast Deparment

Broadcasting Live events such as Live stories, Live TV Shows, and all outdoor Live events through SNG technology

Production Department

Making plans and proposals convenient with our clients' needs to get the best output. furthermore, connecting Watania and its viewers, also supervising films and production, TV Shows, media coverage of events related to public, private and social institutions

Photography Department

The agency pays great attention to image through its professional crews in the field of photography and filming, especially having the importance of images that reflect reality and truth. It's doing its best to provide the accurate image of events in Palestine

Editing and Graphics Department

This department is considered intrinsic due to the special work done by professional editors using the best techniques and programs available in editing videos and graphics

Studios Department

Watania offers several fully-equipped studios for live news, TV Shows and TV programs. These studios are delicately designed by modern technology to meet all high quality requirements